Our Private equity team is fully equipped to advise on global practices in both private equity funds and private equity transactions. The team has advised investee companies as well as venture capital and private equity firms in various sectors within Nigeria and internationally.

Our Clients rely on us for our deep understanding of their needs and our ability to provide bespoke services as we advise on transactions across whatever industry they may venture into in their business. They trust us to help them make the right deals on the right terms, thoughtfully assess risk and make appropriate trade-offs, and respond quickly to meet business demands.

Our award-winning private equity team resolves knotty issues on behalf of top-tier Nigerian and international clients. We possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in developing innovative solutions and strategies for structuring acquisitions, fund formation, and financings of public and private companies. Our strategies are communicated in understandable language throughout our engagement with clients, which assist our clients in successfully navigating complex, significant and high-pressure transactions within the market.

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