Our Intellectual Property team advises on all areas of the intellectual law practice in Nigeria. Our team has been built to provide uniquely tailored solutions for the protection and enforcement of our clients’ intellectual property rights in trademark registration and protection, patents, copyrights and design, branding and licensing and advertising and promotion. We provide clients with our proficiency in a variety of IP matters, including clearance searches, protection, use and enforcement of trademarks, copyright, patents, design and trade secrets, licensing, technology transfer, franchising, packaging, manufacturing and distribution agreements. Our comprehensive range of intellectual property rights services includes; Conducting opposition proceeding, drafting, reviewing, and amending all business and legal documents related to intellectual property rights, filing trademark applications for trademark registration in Nigeria, investigating ownership of intellectual property rights, performing due diligence searches for availability of trademarks, providing services designed to protect trade and software secrets, processing patent applications, representing clients in intellectual property rights litigation and dispute resolution, registering domain names with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), registering, licensing, franchising, and technology transfer agreements with the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) In our firm, we understand the growth and challenges of this practice area and we continue to keep our clients up to date and assisting them in making the most practicable business decision in connection with their brands and the protection of same.

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