The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions coupled with the growing global demand for energy and power, security of supply and ageing energy assets indicate that governments and energy companies globally are faced with some of the most complex and challenging decisions that will have an impact not only on economic prosperity, but also on the long-term health and sustainability of the environment. These factors make the energy sector an exciting industry to work in, and advisers to have sector–specific knowledge backed up by resource capability.

Our energy lawyers, who boast of extensive industry knowledge, have the legal expertise in the oil and gas industry, sustainable energy industry, power generation, transmission, distribution and others.

We advise clients on legal, labour, environmental, social, financial and commercial issues associated with the energy industry including the fossil/crude focused energy focused sectors, sustainable/renewable energy and the hybrid sector. We have advised on a number of energy deals spanning across Nigeria and West Africa.

We have a longstanding and first-rate relationship with regulators and major players within the industry, which enables us provide speedy, up to date and spot on information to our clients in respect of their matters.

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