Innovate for a Green Future

Posted on Apr 26, 2020

At some point in human history, advancement in technology was powered by innovations heavily reliant on fossil fuels and other carbon monoxide emitting products. These innovations, were indisputably efficacious in meeting the challenges at the time of their emergence, although with significant adverse effect on the climate. Most world leaders have identified climate change as a frontline problem facing the world. Consequently, there is the dire need for a generation of innovation centered around mitigating the heinous effects of climate change in our world, otherwise known as “Green Innovations”.

There are several green technology companies around the world. Holganix, a US based green technology company that makes enviro-friendly lawn care products. In Belgium, Ecover produces liquid soaps and detergent containing biodegradable materials and recycled packaging. Solarkiosk provides solar-powered business hubs to rural societies in Berlin and Africa.

Green technology is an innovative drive centered around energy-saving, pollution-prevention, waste recycling, green product designs, or corporate environmental management. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has recognized the place of green innovations in protecting our earth and has centered its 2020 World Intellectual Property Day on how Intellectual Property (IP) can be exploited in advancing the development of green technology. In commemoration of this imperative discourse, we examine some of the ways IP can expedite the development and adoption of green technology across the world as well as the implication of the Covid-19 pandemic on a green environment.

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